GDC 2013!!!

It's been a while since my last post but much has happened in the last several months. I'll get to all of it very soon, but for now I am really excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in Read more

And I'm back!

I know I've said this before, but what a year! I meant to write a lot more these past several months, but Hitman: Absolution took every moment I had. Even when our newest little one, Livia, was born I only got a brief break before diving right back into Read more


More than anything, I just wanted a reason to post that image. So, I'm going to be making a couple of additions to the site. If you haven't noticed already, I have added an Animation page (you can click on it at the top). I'll be adding an updated demo Read more

a hell of a year...

Well, hello. It's been a while. 2011 has been one kick in the crotch after another and updating the blog always felt like the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day. Not that things have gotten any better or easier, but I'm getting the urge Read more

a pox on our house...

(artist rendering) So I have come down with the chicken pox. It sucks. Along with the Norwalk of '06 and the Rotavirus of '08, this falls in my top three worst sicknesses. I wish I could say the time off from work has been relaxing, but it has been a sweaty, Read more

And I’m back!

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I know I’ve said this before, but what a year! I meant to write a lot more these past several months, but Hitman: Absolution took every moment I had. Even when our newest little one, Livia, was born I only got a brief break before diving right back into crunch.

I am finally off the project now and taking some time with the family and to concentrate on my own projects, like this site. I have given it a bit of a face lift both in terms of looks as well as functionality. I needed to add more support for a portfolio as well as a place to keep a the articles I will be writing.

The blog will still remain pretty much the same, but I will also be writing a bit more about work and animation in general. I also have a TON of catching up to do as much has happened since my last post. Check back often as I will be updating all the time (for real this time).

a hell of a year…

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Well, hello. It’s been a while.

2011 has been one kick in the crotch after another and updating the blog always felt like the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day. Not that things have gotten any better or easier, but I’m getting the urge to write again. Plus, I’m losing track of a lot of things I want to document and if I don’t do it soon, I might forget much of it.

The worst thing to happen this year was our dog, Rylee, passing away. She came down with a rare condition that caused her jaw to freeze shut. Eating was next to impossible and she deteriorated rapidly. I ended up having to take her to the vet to get put down and it was easily the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. This was months ago and I still feel sick about it. I don’t think I’ll ever get the image out of my head of her on that steel table closing her eyes for the last time. We had her cremated so we can bring her with us when we leave. It didn’t feel right to have her tossed in with some other animals and left in Denmark.

On the plus side, we had a great summer. Leigh and the kids spent seven weeks back home in Vancouver. I joined them for the last three but not before spending a long weekend in Portugal on a surf trip! I’ll post more about that later.

We also announced the game! Hitman:Absolution! It’s such a relief to be able to talk a little more openly about what we’ve spent the last two years doing here. Again, I’ll be posting much more about it very soon. Until then, you can go to the site I linked to and check out the trailer.

Both kids are back in school and for the first time, they are at the same school together. They’re having a great time and making a lot of new friends. Evan says he misses his old børnehaven a lot, but I think he mostly misses his little buddy Sebastian. At least they still get together for play dates nearly every week.

Most recently, our best friends here moved back to LA. Next to losing Rylee, it’s been the hardest thing to come to terms with. It’s left a massive hole in our lives and one we’re not sure will ever get filled here.

Anyways, stay tuned for more to come (for really real this time)

a pox on our house…

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(artist rendering)

So I have come down with the chicken pox. It sucks.

Along with the Norwalk of ’06 and the Rotavirus of ’08, this falls in my top three worst sicknesses. I wish I could say the time off from work has been relaxing, but it has been a sweaty, itchy, uncomfortable mess for the last week. Much rather be at work than this.

I started feeling a little off about 11 days ago. Then woke up last Monday to what I thought were a couple of bug bites on my arm and a lot of dizziness. Still went to work but by that night I was really feeling unwell. Tuesday morning my face was starting to break out in spots and that’s when Leigh called it. The doctor confirmed it about an hour later and I’ve been stuck at home since. Only in the last day am I starting to feel something like normal, though I’m still contagious so I won’t be going near work until after the weekend.

Luckily Emma and Evan were vaccinated a while back and Leigh has already had them.

oh, hi!

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So…this is awkward.

It’s been about four months since my last post. We’re all doing fine, but it’s been a pretty busy winter so far hence the lack of updates. Here’s the short version in chronological order…

  • moved to a new apartment (smaller, cheaper, and a little noisier, but a much better fit)
  • Leigh and kids flew back to Vancouver
  • grew mustache
  • xmas party
  • shaved mustache
  • flight to Vancouver canceled due to weather
  • flight finally re-booked five days later
  • xmas
  • tried to fly to LA for second mocap shoot, held in customs too long and missed flight
  • flew to LA on re-booked flight next day
  • mexican food, surfing, sunshine, work
  • back to Vancouver for a few days
  • back to Copenhagen
  • super cold winter

Work has been pretty mental from the moment I got back. We’re getting ready to announce the project soon and have been under some pretty heavy deadlines. We’ve also had what appears to be an annual visit from the flu fairy, spending much of the last couple of months with at least one person sick in the house at all times. Even as I type this, Evan is asleep in the next room with what appears to be strep-throat (we’re taking him to the doctor’s tomorrow to confirm and get some medication for him)

Rylee started acting lethargic a couple of weeks ago and then we noticed that she was having trouble opening her mouth to eat. We took her to the vet and after some blood tests, it appears she has Myositis, a pretty rare condition. She also had a fever, so after a round of steroids and antibiotics, she’s feeling a little better and is eating again, but still cannot open her mouth much and is having some side effects from the steroids. I just got a new prescription today and hopefully she will continue to improve. The vet is cautiously reserving his full diagnosis of the situation, waiting to see how she does on this next round of treatment. If we can’t get her doing better or if she declines, we will have to make a tough decision I’m afraid. The kids know she’s sick, but we haven’t told them the consequences if she doesn’t get better. I guess we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it.

Evan’s teachers have all decided to only speak Danish to him from now on. He seems to have little problem with this and appears to understand much of what they are saying to him. He still denies any existence of Danish outside of school though, the stubborn little monkey.

As I mentioned above, it has been a long, cold winter here. only just in the last few days has the temperature been consistently above zero. tomorrow may even break into the double digits! Words cannot describe how much I miss the LA weather.

Anyways, I will be posting pictures from the Vancouver and LA trip as well as posting more updates regularly. I had some technical problems with posting in the last couple of days and it looks like I got it working. For now, here are a couple of pictures from last weekend…





remember me?

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So…umm…yeah. If there’s anyone left still reading this thing, I apologize for the lack of updates. A lot has happened since the last post so I’ll do my best to bring it back up to date.

After my last post, I went to LA for two weeks to help direct a mocap shoot. It was mental and full of all kinds of problems, but it was also an amazing experience and a lot of fun was had. I got to hang out with famous people all day (who were all awesome btw), surf a couple of times (James and Matt came to visit for a weekend!) and eat a ton of amazing Mexican food. I have a lot of photos from the shoot that I will hopefully post soon, but I will have to doctor them a little as I can’t reveal who they were or what the project is just yet. We have a really cool plan and there is some amazing stuff coming out early next year. I can’t wait to be able to talk about it and show some of the hard work that has gone into it. Just trust me when I say that if everything goes according to plan, it’s going to be huge.

So I got back just in time for Halloween. We weren’t sure where the trick or treating was this year in town, so we did a candy hunt in the apartment and played some games with the kids instead. We had a lot of fun but it just wasn’t the same. I have some better info on where to go next year and will plan it a little better. At least Leigh and the kids got to go to Tivoli while I was away where they decorate the whole park for Halloween. They only started getting into Halloween here a few years ago so it hasn’t really caught on yet. Emma’s school did have a costume day and Evan showed up for the party as well…

Just after Halloween, Rylee started acting really lethargic and generally upset. We checked her mouth and one of her teeth was loose so we figured she hurt it while chewing on something. We took her to the vet and she ended up having a mouth full of abscessed teeth. Six removed teeth, a round of antibiotics, a new diet, and a rather large vet bill later, she is doing much better. I think in some way or another, it has been bugging her for a while. Now on the new diet, she has pretty much stopped shedding and looks a lot happier. Poor little pug.

Also around this time, Evan and Emma auditioned for a voice-over part in a Lego commercial. Evan ended up getting the part and the nice people at the ad agency sent us a big box of Lego and a pretty shirt for Emma. Evan is now a little richer in his bank account as well! I’ll post the video of it when it comes online. It should be airing in the US soon I think.

Around April of this year, we bought tickets to a show that Leigh really wanted to see in Malmo, Sweden. Well, on the 19th we jumped on a train and headed to the spectacle that is Lady Gaga…

I’ll give her credit, it was a good show and she genuinely does sing live. Plus, it’s always fun to take the train to Sweden and have a night off with just the two of us.

Things are still really hectic at work. We just passed a large milestone and are steaming towards an even bigger one. I’m also finishing up the planning on a second mocap shoot in LA for early January. On top of all of that, we are moving apartments next weekend and one week later Leigh and the kids are heading home for xmas. I will be following them the next week and heading to LA from Vancouver. It’s going to be a crazy couple of months, but when hasn’t it been for us.

I’m going to try to find a way to streamline my posting process so I can do it more often. I just renewed the hosting and domain name so I’m not going anywhere soon.

coming up for air…

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I know I promised more frequent updates, but then school and work hit us in a big way. Emma started the year at a danish school in Nørrebro and was all pumped to learn a new language, but the teacher turned out to be horrible and she just hated it there. She loved learning the language, but it wasn’t enough to deal with that terrible woman. So, we yanked her out of there and put her back into the international school she was in last year. Things are going much better now and, much to our dismay, she even has a little boyfriend now. Leigh said she came out of school one day this last week holding hands with him…GASP! I think I need to sit that young man down and find out what his intentions are with my daughter.

Evan started at his børnehaven (burr-ne-hay-ow…kind of. It basically translates to kindergarten) and it’s going well. The teachers there are incredible and really patient with him. He’s the only kid who speaks English, but they all now know how to say ‘good morning’ when we come in. He’s having a lot of fun there and can say a few things in Danish, but is being really stubborn about it. They do so much more with the kids here as it’s such a safe, trusting country. They go off the school grounds pretty much every day for walks to parks, the zoo, or the forest where they rent a cabin and roast marshmallows. There’s even a real wood working shop in the back of the school. Can you imagine the lawsuits that would happen in North America if someone found out there was a wood saw within a 100 meters of a four year old? Not here. Need to pick up some groceries? Leave the kids in the car! Baby needs a nap? Chuck him outside on the sidewalk! We’re still getting used to it. You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it.

Summer ended here in a big hurry. We’re in full winter gear now with toques and scarves. The weather is still fairly nice, it’s just really windy and cold.

As I said earlier, work is mental right now. I wish I could talk about it in more detail, but the game hasn’t even been announced yet, let alone the cool stuff I’m working on. I’m getting the last details together this week on a very large mocap shoot taking place in LA in a couple of weeks. We’ll be shooting on the same sound stage where they did Avatar and have a large cast of celebrities joining us. I should be leaving sometime this weekend to oversee the rehearsals before the rest of my posse shows up for the shoot. I’m really looking forward to it, but it’s been a logistical nightmare for the past couple of months. I’m more or less making a feature length animated film on a shoestring budget. Oh yeah, there’s a game in there somewhere as well. Good times.


Leigh has developed a bit of an addiction to cooking lately. I’m sure she has invited most of you to her Weelicious fan club on facebook. I’m not complaining, as when we first met she could burn a bowl of cereal. There’s usually something baking every day and though she acts like she’s stressed out about what to make for dinner, I think she likes it a little.

Another recent obsession is all things Bollywood. She started taking a dance class with some other expats and has been bringing Emma along…


Emma actually does better than some of the grown-ups. There’s a big expat thingy tomorrow and they are going to perform for everyone. Should be fun!

That’s about it for now. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and the promise that I will update more very soon (even if just to keep everyone from asking why I don’t post anymore). This first one is Emma rocking out with some buskers on Strøget…


…and them some rocking out at home…


…and finally, getting ready for fall with some turkey hats!