How to get a job as an animator in games…

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Andy Samberg, hair performance capture session.

The competition for jobs in the gaming industry is getting increasingly fierce (many companies receiving 100’s of applicants for a single position), yet many applicants consistently make the same mistakes which hurt their chances of landing the gig. I’m going to cover some of the more common mistakes I come across, as well as provide some insight into what I (and most others) look for when reviewing an applicant.

There’s no shortage of cover letter, resume, and interview “help” articles and services out there, but anything that really covers it from start to finish with information that is specific to games (and more specifically, game animation) is scarce. Much of the advice offered for cover letters and CV’s is geared towards a corporate position and the demo reel direction is often targeted at a job in film or TV, which could put animators at a disadvantage.

I’ll run through this in chronological order from a hiring perspective: cover letter, resume, demo reel, interview. So, let’s get started! Read more →


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More than anything, I just wanted a reason to post that image.

So, I’m going to be making a couple of additions to the site. If you haven’t noticed already, I have added an Animation page (you can click on it at the top). I’ll be adding an updated demo reel soon as well as any other tidbits I work on that can be made public. Unfortunately I can’t really show much from work for the last couple of years as the project hasn’t been released, but I have and will be working on some personal projects that I can share. Also, I’m going to add another page to put all my miscellaneous art projects.  Photos, drawings…whatever.

And of course, I’ll be writing more on here as well.