road trip, the journey home…

no, we’re still alive. I have just been really unmotivated to update the site since we got back. The kids started at their new schools (yes, I’ll write about that shortly as well) and work is right back into it.

Anyways, let’s wrap the road trip up first. I’m going to do more of a slide show and less talking. I need to save some stories for later don’t I?

So, after Milan we headed to Nice.


It was beautiful, but it turned out that the hotel I had booked didn’t allow dogs. They let us stay the night and we found a place just down the road in Cannes that would let us bring our furry co-pilot. It was beautiful there. The beach was crowded but the water was amazing. They don’t allow dogs on the main beaches there, but there’s an island just off the coast called Ile Sainte Marguerite that did. We hopped on a ferry and had a nice little swim in the Mediteranean,






Then we were off to Paris! Here’s Leigh in front of Notre Dame…


…and a couple of random photos from around the church…



The peanut and I in front of the Louvre…


And of course, we had to eat like the French…escargot! Emma and Evan had two each. Delicious!


Last stop of the day was the Eiffel Tower…



After Paris, we stopped for a night in Bremen to do some last minute shopping (back to school clothes) and then pointed the car for home.

It was an amazing trip and we have a ton of stories and some incredible experiences. Our goal was to pack as much into the three weeks as possible and I think we did a good job of that.

I’ll be posting a recap of Rome very soon as well because it needs it’s own post.

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  1. brooke

    love it!
    looks like you had a fab trip… love the pic of the kids à la plage :)

  2. Pa

    Great pics of a wonderful trip of a lifetime.
    Need more input since this is almost a month old.


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