road trip continued…

So I’ll pick up where I left off, Milan.


Switzerland was definitely the low point of the trip, but Milan was a close second. I had booked two nights at a hotel there, thinking we would like it enough to want to stay. Wrong. If you want to shop for clothes or run around like you’re really important and have somewhere equally important to go, this might be your place. I didn’t think a place so close to Rome could be so different. The people were rude, there was almost nothing to see historically, and it was really expensive. Driving there was mental. No defined lanes, just natural selection in vehicular form. I managed to make it the whole time without anyone honking at me, but you have to switch from defensive to offensive driving to survive there.

We did, however, manage to get pulled over by the police. The one main historical sight in town, the Duomo, sounded like a neat thing to check out so we punched the info into Jill (our GPS) and had her lead the way. Turns out she has a hard time telling the difference between a pedestrian street and a driving one because after doing as I was told, I turned right down a street and into a nest of cops. Leigh snapped this picture right before they started waving their arms at us and a couple of fancy dressed lady-cops came over to give us the third degree.


After about 15 minutes of strained English, they let us drive back the way we came. I think they couldn’t understand our strange documentation and my Canadian drivers license.

The only thing keeping Milan from beating the Swiss for lowest point in the trip was the food. We ended up at a restaurant recommended on (where the picture from the previous post was taken) and it was some of the best food we ate on the whole trip. It was so good, we went back the second night. Here’s a picture of my pumpkin ravioli, ZOMG!


Also around this time, Evan started to develop an odd little habit. He had decided that wearing shoes in the car was so last year, so he would take them off and throw them out the door. There were several times along the trip where I forgot to check and nearly drove off without them. Here is the little monkey being caught in the act…


Next stop…Nice!

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  1. Vanessa

    Hi Sim! Miss you already!

    I was laughing my head off reading your blog about the road trip. Wish we could have been there for the fun and to make it a real gong show. Can you imagine if we came along plus Fif and Pip? Can you say “clown mobile”?


  2. Amy Green

    I TOTALLY agree about Milan. Snobville. Love your posts. Keep em’ coming :)

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