remember me?

So…umm…yeah. If there’s anyone left still reading this thing, I apologize for the lack of updates. A lot has happened since the last post so I’ll do my best to bring it back up to date.

After my last post, I went to LA for two weeks to help direct a mocap shoot. It was mental and full of all kinds of problems, but it was also an amazing experience and a lot of fun was had. I got to hang out with famous people all day (who were all awesome btw), surf a couple of times (James and Matt came to visit for a weekend!) and eat a ton of amazing Mexican food. I have a lot of photos from the shoot that I will hopefully post soon, but I will have to doctor them a little as I can’t reveal who they were or what the project is just yet. We have a really cool plan and there is some amazing stuff coming out early next year. I can’t wait to be able to talk about it and show some of the hard work that has gone into it. Just trust me when I say that if everything goes according to plan, it’s going to be huge.

So I got back just in time for Halloween. We weren’t sure where the trick or treating was this year in town, so we did a candy hunt in the apartment and played some games with the kids instead. We had a lot of fun but it just wasn’t the same. I have some better info on where to go next year and will plan it a little better. At least Leigh and the kids got to go to Tivoli while I was away where they decorate the whole park for Halloween. They only started getting into Halloween here a few years ago so it hasn’t really caught on yet. Emma’s school did have a costume day and Evan showed up for the party as well…

Just after Halloween, Rylee started acting really lethargic and generally upset. We checked her mouth and one of her teeth was loose so we figured she hurt it while chewing on something. We took her to the vet and she ended up having a mouth full of abscessed teeth. Six removed teeth, a round of antibiotics, a new diet, and a rather large vet bill later, she is doing much better. I think in some way or another, it has been bugging her for a while. Now on the new diet, she has pretty much stopped shedding and looks a lot happier. Poor little pug.

Also around this time, Evan and Emma auditioned for a voice-over part in a Lego commercial. Evan ended up getting the part and the nice people at the ad agency sent us a big box of Lego and a pretty shirt for Emma. Evan is now a little richer in his bank account as well! I’ll post the video of it when it comes online. It should be airing in the US soon I think.

Around April of this year, we bought tickets to a show that Leigh really wanted to see in Malmo, Sweden. Well, on the 19th we jumped on a train and headed to the spectacle that is Lady Gaga…

I’ll give her credit, it was a good show and she genuinely does sing live. Plus, it’s always fun to take the train to Sweden and have a night off with just the two of us.

Things are still really hectic at work. We just passed a large milestone and are steaming towards an even bigger one. I’m also finishing up the planning on a second mocap shoot in LA for early January. On top of all of that, we are moving apartments next weekend and one week later Leigh and the kids are heading home for xmas. I will be following them the next week and heading to LA from Vancouver. It’s going to be a crazy couple of months, but when hasn’t it been for us.

I’m going to try to find a way to streamline my posting process so I can do it more often. I just renewed the hosting and domain name so I’m not going anywhere soon.

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  1. Pa

    Welcome back…. missed ya..
    Can’t wait to spend Christmas and New Years with all of you.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Thomas Wong

    Hey Simon,

    Thomas here from VFS. Just reaching out to grads, encouraging them to keep in touch. When you can finally talk about the game be sure to let us know!



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