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I know I promised more frequent updates, but then school and work hit us in a big way. Emma started the year at a danish school in Nørrebro and was all pumped to learn a new language, but the teacher turned out to be horrible and she just hated it there. She loved learning the language, but it wasn’t enough to deal with that terrible woman. So, we yanked her out of there and put her back into the international school she was in last year. Things are going much better now and, much to our dismay, she even has a little boyfriend now. Leigh said she came out of school one day this last week holding hands with him…GASP! I think I need to sit that young man down and find out what his intentions are with my daughter.

Evan started at his børnehaven (burr-ne-hay-ow…kind of. It basically translates to kindergarten) and it’s going well. The teachers there are incredible and really patient with him. He’s the only kid who speaks English, but they all now know how to say ‘good morning’ when we come in. He’s having a lot of fun there and can say a few things in Danish, but is being really stubborn about it. They do so much more with the kids here as it’s such a safe, trusting country. They go off the school grounds pretty much every day for walks to parks, the zoo, or the forest where they rent a cabin and roast marshmallows. There’s even a real wood working shop in the back of the school. Can you imagine the lawsuits that would happen in North America if someone found out there was a wood saw within a 100 meters of a four year old? Not here. Need to pick up some groceries? Leave the kids in the car! Baby needs a nap? Chuck him outside on the sidewalk! We’re still getting used to it. You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it.

Summer ended here in a big hurry. We’re in full winter gear now with toques and scarves. The weather is still fairly nice, it’s just really windy and cold.

As I said earlier, work is mental right now. I wish I could talk about it in more detail, but the game hasn’t even been announced yet, let alone the cool stuff I’m working on. I’m getting the last details together this week on a very large mocap shoot taking place in LA in a couple of weeks. We’ll be shooting on the same sound stage where they did Avatar and have a large cast of celebrities joining us. I should be leaving sometime this weekend to oversee the rehearsals before the rest of my posse shows up for the shoot. I’m really looking forward to it, but it’s been a logistical nightmare for the past couple of months. I’m more or less making a feature length animated film on a shoestring budget. Oh yeah, there’s a game in there somewhere as well. Good times.


Leigh has developed a bit of an addiction to cooking lately. I’m sure she has invited most of you to her Weelicious fan club on facebook. I’m not complaining, as when we first met she could burn a bowl of cereal. There’s usually something baking every day and though she acts like she’s stressed out about what to make for dinner, I think she likes it a little.

Another recent obsession is all things Bollywood. She started taking a dance class with some other expats and has been bringing Emma along…


Emma actually does better than some of the grown-ups. There’s a big expat thingy tomorrow and they are going to perform for everyone. Should be fun!

That’s about it for now. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and the promise that I will update more very soon (even if just to keep everyone from asking why I don’t post anymore). This first one is Emma rocking out with some buskers on Strøget…


…and them some rocking out at home…


…and finally, getting ready for fall with some turkey hats!


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  1. Brian

    Sweat Dude! Kids are getting big!

  2. brooke

    as per usual- your pics are gorgeous, expecially numero uno.
    super cute!

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