GDC 2013!!!

It's been a while since my last post but much has happened in the last several months. I'll get to all of it very soon, but for now I am really excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in Read more

And I'm back!

I know I've said this before, but what a year! I meant to write a lot more these past several months, but Hitman: Absolution took every moment I had. Even when our newest little one, Livia, was born I only got a brief break before diving right back into Read more


More than anything, I just wanted a reason to post that image. So, I'm going to be making a couple of additions to the site. If you haven't noticed already, I have added an Animation page (you can click on it at the top). I'll be adding an updated demo Read more

a hell of a year...

Well, hello. It's been a while. 2011 has been one kick in the crotch after another and updating the blog always felt like the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day. Not that things have gotten any better or easier, but I'm getting the urge Read more

a pox on our house...

(artist rendering) So I have come down with the chicken pox. It sucks. Along with the Norwalk of '06 and the Rotavirus of '08, this falls in my top three worst sicknesses. I wish I could say the time off from work has been relaxing, but it has been a sweaty, Read more

the witch burning…

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This last Wednesday was Sankt Hans, or the midsummer’s eve celebration. They like to celebrate the night before the actual holidays here, so on the evening of the 23rd, we celebrated the pagan holiday of the summer solstice!

There were several parties being held throughout the city, but we decided to check out the one being held at Tivoli, thinking it would be the most kid-friendly. We missed the lighting of the bonfire by only a few minutes but as you can see in the picture above, it didn’t last long and all we got to see was a small pile of smoldering sticks. From the sounds of it, the other parties were much better. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next year.

But of course, it was Tivoli so the kids were fine with just running around and playing. Plenty of live music and open air theatre going on as well. Here’s Emma near the main music stage about to be abducted…


summer summer summertime

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Finally, the weather has taken a turn for the better. It was in the high 20′s today and I actually wore sandals. The NERVE!

Last night we went for a walk down to the harbour while the kids rode their bikes. it was so nice we decided to get some ice cream…


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No, I’m not dead.

Work has been getting increasingly busy on top of Leigh’s parents visiting for the last couple of weeks, so I have had no time to update the site. The weather was pretty crap for a good part of their visit so we didn’t get to as much as we would have liked, but we still covered the basics.

On the weekend before they left, we took a train up to Helsingør where we had a nice lunch and wandered around the town…



Then, we checked out the Kronborg Slot (castle), which is better known as Elsinore from Shakespear’s Hamlet. It’s from the late 1500′s and is a pretty impressive little bungalow.




The castle is right on the water overlooking the narrowest part of the sound. Only 4km to Sweden from where we were. Just out front of the castle was a little beach (which was the main reason for the trip) so we headed there next. You can see Sweden in the background of this picture of Evan, just across the water…



We dropped Phil and Shelley off at the airport last Friday and on Sunday evening, picked up my Dad and Donna. Work is still super busy so I expect to be spread pretty thin the next couple of weeks. I am going to make a point of posting much more often, though, as a lot is going on this summer and if I don’t write it down I’ll definitely forget it.

More to come!

what’s the deal with the posts?

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2010_05_30_end of year_party_01

Leigh’s parents came into town late last week and on top of that, it has been a really crazy time at work. I’ll try to catch up as best I can.

Saturday, Emma had a dance recital at her dance school. She did really well but unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera. I did get some pics and video on Phil and Shelley’s camera, but haven’t gotten them off of it yet.

On Sunday, we had Emma’s end of year party with her class from school. It was originally supposed to be at one of her classmate’s house, but the weather didn’t agree with that plan so it was held at the school. Everyone brought food from their home country and luckily there are a few Indian kids in her class so I was in heaven. Some of the best veggie samosas and chicken kabobs I’ve had in a long time.

Emma with her friend Shriya…

2010_05_30_end of year_party_02

and Evan playing some air hockey (he’ll kick your ass at it)…

2010_05_30_end of year_party_04

Monday, Emma was a little under the weather so she stayed home from school. Tuesday was just as bad, as it was her best friend Sevde’s last day in Denmark before moving back to Turkey with her family. After school, we dropped Emma off at Sevde’s place for one last play-date before their plane left at midnight that day.

Emma was pretty upset heading to school today knowing Sevde wouldn’t be there. We exchanged addresses and they will write each other, but it’s hard when she finally made a close friend only to have her move away. Hopefully we can make it out to Turkey this fall to visit them.

We have a meeting tomorrow with a Danish school that offers an integration module for non-Danish speakers. We’re toying with the idea of sending her there in the fall to learn a new language and hopefully meet some long term friends. Evan starts full time in Danish kindergarten in August so the two of them might be speaking Danish behind our backs if we don’t keep up.

Anyways, we’re really going to miss Sevde. She was a great kid and always made Emma smile…

2010_05_30_end of year_party_03

jeg cykel hverdag…

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After doing a little math at the six month mark, I realized that I have ridden about 1600km here in Copenhagen so far. That’s about the distance from Vancouver to San Francisco… or Vancouver to Regina!

With any luck, I could make it clear across Canada by the end of the year. Take THAT Rick Hansen!

a case of the mondays…

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Not much to report for Monday. Two long weekends in a row was definitely nice, but it’s unfortunately the last public holiday until Christmas. Yikes!

We ended up running some errands then cruising down to an ice cream shop near the harbor for some cones. They take their ice cream seriously here, topping them with jam, whipped cream, and a flødeboller (kind of a chocolate-coated, whipped cream filled cookie thing). And, the waffle cones are usually freshly made that day. Super so good!