allez! allez!

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About a week ago I got a chance to go to my first European football game. It was one of the final matches of the season with both teams playing for the #3 spot in the national league. The local team, Brondby, ended up winning 2-0 and it was a great game.

During the half time intermission they had two kids on the sidelines play Fifa against each other on one of the jumbotrons. There’s no escaping the clutches of EA.

summer, where art thou?

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From looking at these pictures, you would think that we’re well on our way to summer. You would be wrong. After about a week of beautiful weather (one day even reaching 23 degrees) we have gone back to conditions that would feel more suitable for November than May. Windy, rainy, cold…bleh.

I really hope we’re in for an amazing summer, as the weather karma-gods owe us big time.



feelin groovy…

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We were going to send Emma back to school on Friday as she was feeling much better, but we figured we’d give her the weekend and make a fresh start on Monday. She still has a few days left on her antibiotics, and she hasn’t shown any symptoms for the last few days. I’m so glad this round of sickness is over and hope we’ve seen the last of it for a while.

The picture above is her showing off some new clothes from a couple of weeks ago. She takes this modeling thing seriously.

they’re cute when they are sleeping…

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don’t ask…

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I don’t post too much about what’s going on with work as the project I’m on has not really been made public yet. As you can see from the self portrait I took above, we’re working on some high-tech stuff.

Without saying too much, this was from a little video we put together that gets seen on one of the TV’s in the game. When I can, I will post the final version of it.

Needless to say, where there’s a tin foil hat and an American flag shirt, there’s sure to be a boat-load of awesome.

some pics from the weekend…

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As promised, a few pictures from our Saturday at the beach. It was a grey, windy, chilly day, so I didn’t get too many keepers.

Here’s Emma on a pile of seaweed trying not to look like she’s about to be blown off…


While inspecting the flowers, we found a ladybug!


Here’s Evan shopping for a new yacht…