And I’m back!


I know I’ve said this before, but what a year! I meant to write a lot more these past several months, but Hitman: Absolution took every moment I had. Even when our newest little one, Livia, was born I only got a brief break before diving right back into crunch.

I am finally off the project now and taking some time with the family and to concentrate on my own projects, like this site. I have given it a bit of a face lift both in terms of looks as well as functionality. I needed to add more support for a portfolio as well as a place to keep a the articles I will be writing.

The blog will still remain pretty much the same, but I will also be writing a bit more about work and animation in general. I also have a TON of catching up to do as much has happened since my last post. Check back often as I will be updating all the time (for real this time).

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