about me


I’ve been making games since 2001 and remain passionate about creating amazing experiences, telling compelling stories with interesting characters, and improving the quality of animation in the games industry.

Most recently, I was the Animation Director at Phoenix Labs in Vancouver, BC. A team of experienced developers creating a fantastic game called Dauntless: A co-op action RPG where you team up with your friends to hunt and fight behemoths! It is the second highest rated free to play game of all time and one of the first to deliver a true cross-play experience to over 20 million users!

Before that, I was the Lead Animator and Art Director at Robotoki in Los Angeles where I worked on a few different projects, including Human Element. A first person survival game set in a post apocalyptic future.

Prior to that, I was Animation Director on Hitman: Absolution for Square Enix, which won and was nominated for several awards including Best Animation (G4TV) and Outstanding Achievement in Animation (DICE 2013).

I also spent nearly nine years with Electronic Arts, primarily in the Lead Cinematic Animator role, shipping many notable titles including MVP Baseball 2005, which was named by OperationSports.com to be “The Greatest Sports Game Ever Made”.

In between work and family life, I helped create AnimState.com, a hub for all things Game Animation as well as teach animation, cinematography, and performance capture at some of the best schools in the world.

I was also a speaker at GDC 2013 on Performance Capture in Games, GDC 2014 on Cameras and Cinematography in Games, Pixel Quebec 2014 on Motion Capture workflows and techniques, and GDC 2016 on animation workflow and a part of the microtalks; both of which were rated in the top five for the convention.

If you’d like to see my full work history and experience, you can check out my LinkedIn profile HERE.

Specialties: gameplay, cinematics, character animation, computer animation, 3D animation, keyframe, presentation, NIS, cut scenes, art direction, creative direction, storytelling, graphics, acting, lighting, project management, leadership, animation direction, maya, motion builder, mocap, motion capture, and pancakes.